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måndag 3 juni 2013

Questions and answers - Liebster award!

The Thorne Garnet picked me for the Liebster award! Here are my answers to the questions she asked and my questions to the bloggers that I picked ... Please, pardon/escuse/forgive my incorrect English!

Questions from The Thorne Garnet:
1 Paper or plastic? Do you recycle?

I wish I could say that I always take care of our environment, but ... hmm ... I cheat sometimes. But I would like to point out that I almost exclusively wear second hand, I have not eaten meat for about 20 years and I have never flown to Thailand. My answer is: Paper (?)

2 If you could spend a week as the opposite sex, would you?

No! I don’t want to know. It seems scary …

3 There's a knock on your door, you've won a dream vacation, you have to leave RIGHT NOW. Where would you go?

I would choose Positano on the Amalfi Coast - again (have been there three times).

4 Awe, The Arts! What's the last / best play you've seen? Why?

I cheat (again) and choose a movie instead. My all-time favorite: Moonstruck with Cher (and Moulin Rouge, and ...)

5 Do you believe in ghosts? Discuss or not.

I believe that I'm going to heaven when I die. I also believe that I will meet my grandmother, my father and my former pets there, but I don’t know if I want to call them ghosts?

6 Left or right handed?

Unfortunately, right-handed. Left handed people seem a little more exciting than us right handed ... and therefore, I married a left handed man.

7 If you have pierced ears, how old were you When you got them done?

I guess 11 or 12. Since I was a teenager in the dangling-80s, my earlobes aged quickly, so now I usually use clips (also easy to get hold of second hand)

8 Tattoos?

No (puh!). If I had tattooed when I was 18, I probably had a dolphin on the calf or something like that and I had absolutely regret the tattoo today. But the real reason why I don’t have a tattoo is my fear of pain.

9 If The Evil Overlords takeover and gave you the choice of living in all white rooms or only wearing all black clothes forever, which one would you pick?

I'm more interested in clothes than interior so I had to choose - white room.

10 Name three bands or singer you cannot live without

My husband says I have hundreds of songs on my top ten lists, but today, my answer is/are (I never learn!): Tori Amos, Pearl Jam and The Soundtrack of our lives (tomorrow, the answer would probably be different)

11 and the last one........ why did you start a blog?

I was late to start a blog and did it in 2010 (when people’s interest of blogs began to subside). It was a former student (I've worked in schools in the past) who thought that I put out so many pictures of clothing on Facebook so she thought I would start a blog - so I did!

Thankyou, Thorne Garnet! Now I have to pick some blogs that have under 300 followers (I'm not sure how many followers my choises have, though) and ask them 11 questions. Here's who I've picked:

Kiki and the Gypsy
And my questions are:

1. Who was your first love and how old were you?

2.What trait at other people annoys you?

3.The most beautiful person on earth?

4. When you were a child, what did you think you would be as an adult?

5. If you could change one law in your country – what law?

6. Which is the best song ever?

7. Which actor is most overrated?

8. Favorite Artist?

9. The world's most delicious perfume?

10. Have you been rude to anybody in the past month?

11. A designer will make a dress for you - Who do you choose?

14 kommentarer:

  1. I loved your answers!! Thank you for giving me the award, so kind. I shall think of answers & post on Friday or so :))) I hope you have a gorgeous day doll xx

  2. What great answers, loved finding out more about you. xxx

  3. Åh man tackar ! Ska svara imorgon... inte så pigg idag, tror jag har svalt taggtråd .

  4. Åh man tackar ! Ska svara imorgon... inte så pigg idag, tror jag har svalt taggtråd .

    1. Inga måsten och absolut ingen brådska.

  5. Good answers, you make me laugh! And your English is great, far better than my Swedish...
    I have aged ear lobes thanks to heavy 80s earrings too! xxx

  6. I love learning a bit more about you and your sense of humor shines! I still have the cobra tattoo I got when I turned 18, yeah I'm still into that :)

  7. Fabulous answers - and yep I've just checked out my earlobes - had never made the connection!! And thanks for the links to other blogs - I'm going to go check them out now.

  8. Thank for answering! By the way I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 28.

  9. Great stuff.

  10. I love learning stuff about you!! Ok, I will be doing the Q & A post soooooon!!! TY Becky :)

  11. Hey ! I love Tori Amos too !!!

  12. I've enjoyed finding out more about you. I'm glad you started blogging!