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onsdag 13 februari 2013

Jag, Maud Adams och de andra

Både jag och Maus Adams fyllde år igår och jag vill inte vara sämre än hon (eller om det är tvärtom) så det firades iklädd morgonrock till Mauds ära.
Yesterday it was my and Maud Adam's birthday. To honor Maud I celebrated dressed in one of my dressing gowns.
Den eleganta damen vid min sida är min svärmor. Vi fick dricka champagne ur de stora, dyra Orrefors-glasen
The elegant lady beside me is my mother in law. We were drinking champagne out of the big, expensive Orrefors glasses

... medan svärfar fick "lukta på champagnen" i ett litet glas som icke var av kristall.
... while my father in law had champagne from a small glass that was’nt made of crystal. My mother drank cherry-wine, and she did’nt want to have her eyes open in the photos.
Första dagen som 42-åring gick dock i dova kulörer och ... som ni märker av kommande bilder, lite som i en dimma när flotta Ladies kom på besök.
My first day as 42-year-old went in dull colors and ... there was something strange this evening ... kind of a bit dizzy.

Susanne (in bright colors):

Lisa (s hand and her gift to mói!) and Hilis:
AND ... from Mrs Murphy!

10 kommentarer:

  1. What a great day and great looks !

  2. Glad to see that You were properly celebrated, even at the 42:nd year! I'm not looking forward to become 62! Why is it that time isn't just running, but accelerating!? Best wishes!

    1. Äsch då. 62 funkar tror jag. Har en vän som nyligen har gått i pension och som dricker gl (... nu vet jag inte hur man stavar, men det där som man dricker i alperna)hela dagarna.

  3. What a fun celebration, who wouldn't want to swank about in Maud Adams's dressing gown?! x

  4. Thank you for explaining in English, my dear goddess.

  5. What a great time, so wonderful to be surrounded by lovely people!! Amazing!! xxxxxx

  6. What dye do you use? Your hair colour and curls are just fabulous. You look very glamorous! xxx

  7. Thanks! I destroy my hair too much and too often, so I guess that it all falls of very soon. I bleech it and then use Direction color from shock.se