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fredag 8 mars 2013

Internationella kvinnodagen!

Internationella kvinnodagen. Jag kör en favorit i repris och visar vilka som var Jacke Kennedys och Marilyn Monroes förebilder. Morsan och svärmor!

I show images that have been here before, but they are worth it. The best women and their lookalikes. My mom and Jackie Kennedy, and my mother in law and Marilyn Monroe. I wonder if the world knew that Jackie and Marilyn's role models was from Edsbyn.

9 kommentarer:

  1. All such beauties! It's incredible the Marylin resemblance too, wow. Have a joyous weekend. xx/Madison

  2. I added Diana Vreeland in your honour.
    happy Women´s day EVERY DAY

  3. Goodness me your Mum and Mum-In-Law are absolute beauties! xxx

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  5. Most especially your Mama in Law and Marilyn! Both likenesses are amazing!!!
    How divoon!XXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. They are both gorgeous !

  7. Absolute stunners, the pair of them and I am spinning out at the remarkable resemblance of your MIL to MM. xoxo