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tisdag 16 april 2013

I Paris med jänterna.

Dags att minnas lite ... I Paris med jänterna. Jag tror att det var 2005 (?). Jag minns i alla fall bestämt att det var april, att vi fnissade hela tiden och att Lisa såg knark överallt.
Time to remember the trip to Paris with my friends. I believe that it was in 2005 (?). Anyway, I remember that it was in april, we giggled all the time and that Lisa noticed drugs everywhere. Yes - everywhere!

Kaaanhända att min syster var lite trött på mig under hemfärden.
My sister no longer loved me on our way home.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Love you with black hair! x

  2. That last photo is hilarious! You do look great with black hair - very Siouxie Sioux! xxx

  3. you look stunning ...sleeping beauty.

  4. Paris is my fave city and i go there whenever i can! Guess you dolls had a fab time in Pris, your pictures are so lovely! xxxx Tani

  5. What marvelous pictures, I love the hot pink and green mix- both you and your sis seem to favor- and yes, you are a remarkable raven haired brunette.

  6. Haha...love the last picture, so sweet :)) xx