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lördag 27 juli 2013

Sista semesterveckan

Sista semesterveckan. Har under denna avslutande vecka hunnit följande: Burlesque-show med Miss Diamond i Bollnäs (att promenera mot LOKOMOTIV/Lokal gav flashbacks till 1989 när jag var nyinflyttad i Göteborg och fick följa med en kompis på olagliga klubbar ... kändes jättetufft såklart), den traditionsenliga "Dagfesten", gått på Playwood, haft picnic i älskade Hylströmmen, fiskat med Loke på bryggan i Grycken osv. Och fortfarande bara lördag ju ...

Our local singer/songwriter-festival:
Festa Giorno!:

11 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous doll. You look marvellous. Am glad you had a wonderful time. Love the river bit where you're reading, I would be there reading too, looks so peaceful!! I hope you have a gorgeous new week to come xx

  2. I think you live such a beautiful life and I love that you are just as comfy in heels strolling down a cobblestone road as you are nestled among the rocks and trees! I want to vacation with you!

  3. Those photos of you reading among the rocks are so beautiful! And your husband looks 10 feet tall!
    What a wonderful vacation you have had, full of trips and friends and events and music and picnics - just perfect! And you always look beautiful, whether you are barefoot or dressed up to the nines. xxxx

  4. I adore that photo of you reading. Your holidays are always interesting and full of beautiful and interesting people. xxx

  5. That photo of you reading, yes, that is definitely an artistic vision that will keep fresh forever.
    You are gorgeous in all these photos (AND the toughest girl on earth!) and what a cool group of friends.

  6. You look so gorgeous! I love summertime with music and wonderful time spent just like this! Take care dear. xx/Mads

  7. Dear Ulla-Marie, I have so enjoyed your vacation posts - so fabulous that you went to Ireland and got to meet Lucy!!! And your Fiesta photos were divine. As Curtise said, you are always so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

  8. Yes the photo of you reading is just amazing - you look so at peace. Gorgeous as ever!

  9. As always, your life looks so FUN!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Ohh your style is awesome!!!!!!! really amazing, your hair color is so cool!!!
    Love your blog honey
    Kisses and hugs from http://theduchessbyanapizarro.blogspot.com.es/
    Do you have twitter?