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måndag 23 september 2013

Mamma sätter trenderna!

Och som hon (en 79-åring från Edsbyn) gör det!
Prada SS 2014. Konstverk på kläder.
Och väskan ...
I bakgrunden: Rya från mormor.

8 kommentarer:

  1. indeed that dress is a piece of art! and what a beautiful bag! oh and thank you for the link i will have a look at it on my laptop as it does´t work on that pc:(
    have a lovely week!

  2. Who's that amazing lady? She looks way better than the model! Love that bag! xxx

  3. She's rocking that dress! And what a wonderful bag. xxxx

  4. your Mum is fabulous! the kaftan/dress is spectacular! x x

  5. Your mother is stunning, I can see why you are stunning as well, she has marvellous style and light :)) Precious!! xx