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torsdag 2 maj 2013

DET STORA TABBERASET I FIRENZE - sista delen (kanske).

Så här glad blir jag när Tomas väljer snygga vinflaskor.
Enligt den gängse semestertraditionen skall fötter omplåstras.
The palest woman in Florence takes care of her feet.
Exakt här ser jag väskan jag senare köper till min mamma.
 I see the bag that I later bought for my mother.

Tornar bland torn!
Leker att jag är dyr på Roberto Cavallis café.
I pretend that I'm expensive at Roberto Cavallis café.
Not just wine ...

Vi ba! Hann med Cinque terre också!
We also had time for a day in Cinque terre!

... och här åt vi lunch! Funkade.
And at this place we had lunch!
Arrividerci Italia! 

19 kommentarer:

  1. Looking astounding in leopard print! What a gorgeous trip, I'm in love with the location and the food! xxx

  2. Tjusigt så man svimmar en smula!

  3. You look stunning and I want to go to all these places and drink all the wine and eat that asparagus!
    Becky :)

  4. Love the texture of your outfits with the architecture. Awesome!

  5. Vilka härliga och fina bilder, ser helt underbart ut kram på dig!

  6. You look so extra beautiful in these pictures. I love where you live, it's just gorgeous. I would love to have a day sipping on wine all day, wandering in and out of shops only to end up on the cliff having lunch. What a view!!!!! Were you born there?

  7. Looks like a wonderful trip. You look great. Florence suits you!

  8. You look amazing, so elegantly beautiful, just like Florence! The market and the place you had lunch look wonderful. xxx

  9. I only know Florance from play Assassins Creed(yeah, I'm a nerd) and it's even more beautiful in really life. I'm in love with the produce stand.

  10. The food looks yummy! I now want asparagus. You look amazing!


  11. Stylish and oh so lovely! You look amazing, I love the leopard! xx/Mads

  12. You ARE expensive darling! You just ARE!!! Scream-worthy pink hair and all! xoxoxo

  13. oh you are a real diva darling! look how glamourous and gorgeous you are in leopard print!! and what a wonderful trip!
    hope you are having a great weekend darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  14. you look absolutely stunning and I agree with Mary Lou that you're a real Diva. Florence is the perfect backdrop for you! It's beautiful, I'd love to visit!

  15. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, my dear Ulla, ahhhh.
    Love the pic by the shop window, so romantic and mysterious.

  16. What a beautiful trip ! I love Italy ! And you're amazingly stylish !

  17. I love Firenze!!What a beautiful post thank you! You look stunning in every photos and I adore your black outfit at Cavalli's cafe!

  18. Wow! I had dinner in this old tower in Maiori last summer! Magnific place! Your outfit puts Cher in 'Tee with Mussolini' in my mind.