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måndag 28 januari 2013

Millan Rouge!

Millan Rouge har gjort det igen. Jag är proppfull av mallighet över att hon återigen har förevigat mig.
I'm so proud that Millan Rouge has done it again.
Här är ett annat typiskt Millan Rouge-konstverk. Vill ni se mer så gå in och gilla hennes facebook-sida här.
Here is another typical Millan Rouge artwork. Would you like to see more, like her on  facebook.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You are famous and deservably so, your beauty should be immortalised for ever more. xxx

  2. You are so stunning, my dearest friend.

  3. These are marvellous, I can't draw to save my life, so anyone that can, is awesome! You look stunning Xxx

  4. What great drawings! Glamorous and cool!
    I don't know how to contact you- but here's how to add on Blogger:
    Go to dashboard.
    Click on LAYOUT
    Then add a gadget.
    A menu pops up- the fourth option down should be "TRANSLATE" click the plus button, and a window pops up and you can pick which button you'd like. Click save.
    Then in the side bar, or whereever you can move the gadgets around to your liking.

    If you need help- email me lovely! xo-Bella Q